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Fursuit Heads

Starting at $850

The heads are a snug fit to not bounce around and fall off during active play. They are built with a soft foam, very safe and comfortable. Ventilation is through the mouth of the character and through the eyes. Vision is very good for those who need great visibility for their activities and has been known to be since 2012.  They fit snug on a larger head and looser on small faces, we do adjust them according to measurements.

Partial Costumes

Staring at $1700

Partial costumes include a costume head, hands, feet, and a tail. Arm sleeves may be added to the costume. Jeans and a jacket are great to pair with these costumes!

Plantigrade Costumes

Starting at $2500

Plantigrade costumes are straight legged just like you are now; so basically a fullsuit that has no animal like padding in the legs. The full suit includes a head, body, 4 or 5 fingered hands, feet, and tail. Price will increase with complexity of the design. You will need to make a Duct Tape Dummy to have one made.

Padded or Winged Costumes

Starting at $3000

Digitigrade costumes have additional padding in the leg area to give the illusion the costume has animalistic shaped legs. The padding is free floating and can be inserted into the allowed area in the legs.  Price will increase with complexity. You will

                                                                                          need to make a Duct Tape Dummy.

All costumes here are previously made examples and are NOT FOR SALE.

Note that we do not normally do parts commissions or sell parts separately. However, we will occasionally auction off parts such as tails or hands on FurBuy or Dealers Den.

If you are a returning customer needing repairs or an entirely new costume you may be eligible for a discounted costume.

If you are a new customer you may inquire about any current deals or discounts going on. They cannot be guaranteed.

Also note, we do not have enough good examples of padded suits. Any questions about quality however may be routed to email!